IT-MK Limited Save The Day In Milton Keynes

Rescuing a Local Estate Agency

Monopoly House Surrounded By Hotels to depict an Estate Agents

Local Milton Keynes Estate Agent in turmoil after computer problems. IT-MK Limited were recently called out to a new company located within Milton Keynes, the company in question was an estate agency who had, up until a recent fall out, been supported through a national support agency. Since parting ways a number of issues had arisen, such that the business was beginning to suffer. Some problems were simple annoyances however some were a little more serious, and rendered parts of the system unusable.

Initially the call out was a simple matter of a line upgrade to ADSL2 or ADSL Max, however this in turn showed up a number of problems with the core setup of the network. This meant that sometimes the Internet and File Shares were there and other times they were not. As can be imagined was very frustrating for the users of the system, especially when they had new properties to be uploaded to Right Move, but even more so when agents were sitting face to face with customers and potential buyers. The basic problems were that the basic configuration of the server was incorrect, in addition to this a virus infection was preventing access to most of the main configuration programs. The resultant being that when accessing the network resources computers would randomly disconnect themselves from the network. Firstly our engineer had to remove the virus from the server and repair the management panels and software which had been damaged as a result of the virus. This was completed within two hours. Secondly the server had to be reconfigured to make it the centre of the network as should have been the case originally. Once this was completed the clients could be reconfigured to access the server properly and all of the remaining issues resolved themselves with the exception of one PC which had to be re-installed as it to was infected with the virus.

"IT-MK Limited turned up quickly and worked with speedy resolve until our problem was no more. They arrived on-site within 45 minutes of the original call, and have resolved both the major issues and the minor annoyances within a total of 4 hours. These problems had been going on with our system for months, if I would have known they were so good I would have phoned them a long time before. They are now on speed dial to resolve any further problems we may experience." -- Business Owner

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