IT Support and Equipment Should Not Cost the Plannet

IT-MK Limited, Comitted to the Environment

Promoting lower emissions and longer life cycle for equipment should be everyone’s top priority. Our Planet is a fragile ecosystem on which we all depend. IT-MK Limited are committed to reducing emissions and waste products generated by IT networks and equipment. We achieve this in a number of ways, firstly we examined our own company and found a number of ways in which we can reduce our own emissions and reuse our old equipment in ways we would not have done 10 years ago.

By maintaining your existing computer equipment you can not only delay the purchase of expensive new technology but you will also delay the effects on the environment that are caused as a result of new equipment being manufactured. In addition to these savings by regular maintenance you also keep the running costs of your equipment down, something as simple as a fan that is clogged by dust and debris will cost more to run than the same fan once cleaned. These savings we admit are small, but when you combine this with power saving schemes such as monitors turning themselves off and computers going into a low power sleep state when not in use, they add up to a considerable saving in the longer term.

We have established links with trade recyclers who are able to harvest the aluminium, steel, plastics and precious metals contained within old computer systems, these resources can then be used to build new equipment, instead of becoming a feature in a land fill site. Machines and equipment that are still usable, but too slow for business can be recycled as is, to third world countries. Giving less fortunate communities a chance to become more productive.