One Size Fits None

Companies in Milton Keynes have different support requirements

Paperwork and Waterman Pen

All of the companies in Milton Keynes are slightly different so it baffles us as to why most support contracts are the same. Every company has certain systems that are more important than others. Some people want a fast response and some people would rather wait longer and pay slightly less, some companies would like a spread of some fast response and some normal response solutions. Here at IT-MK Limited we understand that your support requirements may be slightly different than the norm. So we are here to accommodate you.

Access to our support is very easy even for very small companies. We offer adhoc callouts for single instance or low volume support, and when your requirements are larger we can offer you a tailored contract to suit your individual business. This gives you great flexibility in how you manage your IT Support solutions, you can even just have a single PC under contract and the another on an adhoc callout basis. Our contracts are designed with plain simple terms, there is no lock in period simply give us one months notice at any point. All contract holders benefit from having their network documented, a free maintenance and check-up service and the peace of mind that the backup solution in place is working effectively. This allows your company to concentrate on its core business, leaving the IT Support to us.

IT-MK Limited are happy to offer support and advise, so if you have a requirement or would simply like some plain friendly advise then Contact Us and our team will be happy to help you.