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What our clients are saying about our IT Support Service in Milton Keynes

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"IT-MK Limited provide customised IT Support specifically designed for Small Businesses within Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. They are extremely customer orientated, and offer an excellent array of customisable support options to suit every budget."

"My computer stopped working just before Christmas, after five years service, I knew I had to replace it and had been to look at some high street stores, I phoned IT-MK who sent an engineer around to diagnose it. The general consensus was that it required replacement as the repair cost would be quite high compared to the cost of a new PC. I asked them to quote for a similar specification that I had seen on the high street in my price bracket. They quoted me and were a lot cheaper, also the specification of the new PC was better than the high street equivilent. Once the new machine arrived the engineer quickly set it up and transfered my data, installed my programs, printer, and set up my internet connection for me. The quality of the system really shows through, great feel to all the buttons and the case feels sturdy not to mention a lot quieter than my old one. All in all I would give them 11 out of 10, and will be using them in the future."

"IT-MK Limited turned up quickly and worked with speedy resolve until our problem was no more. They arrived on-site within 45 minutes of the original call, and have resolved both the major issues and the minor annoyances within a total of 4 hours. These problems had been going on with our system for months, if I would have known they were so good I would have phoned them a long time before. They are now on speed dial to resolve any further problems we may experience."

"My companies Internet connection went down and I had no idea why, the provider had told me that the line was working and it was my equipment, I called IT-MK, who I had used before, their engineer was here very quickly, within one hour, and brought with him a complete change of router, filters, cables, once this was done the line still did not work, however the engineer spoke again to my Internet provider on my behalf, and was able to determine that the fault was indeed with the provider. It took another three days for the provider to resolve the issue, but the IT-MK engineer phoned my Internet provider each day, and came back to me with regular updates on what was going on, this was not even there problem and they only charged me for the time spent on site, and not all of the phone calls and time taken to check up. I could not ask for a fairer or better service. Being a Financial Advisor I have to keep my systems up and running, IT-MK will always be my support provider of choice."