Global Remote Support

IT-MK Limited Can Support You, Wherever You May Be

Remote IT Support is becoming a necessity for business to continue whilst on the move. As you can imagine remote diagnostic software and remote control software is big business and there are hundreds of applications out there for this purpose. IT-MK Limited has tested numerous options and now can offer a solution that we are satisfied with. The only requirement is that you have internet access.

Once we have a connection to your device we can see the screen and interact with your device as if we were sat in front of it, this means we can remotely diagnose issues with equipment, which means in many cases we can get to site with the right parts very quickly and with only a single site visit.

Where a small configuration change is required or the problem is purely software related we can normally fix the issue remotely with no need for a site visit at all. This enables us to reduce our costs by not travelling, and reduce our load on the environment and helps to keep our prices low, whilst improving our resolution times.