The Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence


For some time now IT-MK Limited have supported the SETI Project by donating redundant computer time to scan the cosmos for signs of extra terrestrial intelligence, the SETI project achieves this by using some of the worlds largest radio telescopes and systematically scanning the sky. As you could imagine this generates a lot of data, data that has to be processed. There is so much data, that processing it within a University even with large super computers would take many, many years. The project has, to overcome this problem, designed an application, that downloads segments of data onto your computer, when your computer is on but not active it uses the processing power to crunch the numbers in these data packets.

Now one computer would not make much difference, but worldwide there are now millions of users, this combined power makes up one of the largest distributed computing projects ever seen. Assuming that any alien's out there have developed some form of Radio communication, such as radio, TV, and wireless networks, then the SETI project probably has the best shot at finding it.

IT-MK Limited has created our own team, and are currently doing quite well, our customers can join in this effort and join our team. Our statistics can be seen below.

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